Feedback & Complaints

Feedback & Complaints

The team at Cash Champions really appreciates your feedback.

You can contact us by email us at and we will endeavour to respond to you promptly.

Or can write to:

Complaints Officer
Cash Champions
PO Box 507
Victoria 3142

Resolving complaints:

At Cash Champions we want your experience to be so great that you tell all of your friends about us.

That’s why if you have a complaint we will always take it very seriously and try to work it out with you.

From time to time we all make mistakes. So to help us when that happens we have put in place a transparent process to sort things out.

Our objective will be to always work things out with you.


Business relationships are built through trust, openness, honesty, integrity, consistency and respect towards others. Sometimes, though, there may be differences of opinion, particularly when things don’t quite work out the way you intended when you took out the credit contract. We recognise communication is the key to solving these difficulties and the steps below will assist both of us quickly get our relationship back on track.

Step 1: If you are dissatisfied with something we’ve done, we encourage you to phone us and explain your concern(s). We can usually resolve the matter(s) amicably, without delay.

Step 2: If you’re still not happy with our response, you should contact our Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Manager, by telephoning 0422228800 as soon as possible. We may ask that you put your complaint in writing to us so that we may investigate it further. You can email it to us on

Step 3: Should you still be dissatisfied after using both of the above steps, you may contact our ASIC-approved External Dispute Resolution (EDR) provider, Australian Financial Complaints Authority. You can contact them at no cost by writing to GPO Box 3, Melbourne Victoria 3001, telephoning 1800 931 678 (free call), emailing, or via their website,

Please note that you must have gone through our IDR process first before doing so. If you fail to do so, the matter will be referred back to us to resolve in the first instance.