Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify?
If you meet the following criteria, we’d love to receive your application. All applicants must:

  • Be over 18
  • An Australian Resident
  • Have online banking
  • Receive a regular form of income (through employment or benefits)
I am on Centrelink, can I apply?
Yes. As long as you are over the age of 18, an Australian Resident, have an online banking account and a receiving income into that bank account on a regular basis, then you are welcome to apply.
Is Cash Champions a lender?
No, Cash Champions is a loan-finding service and we do not issue any loans. When you apply for a loan using our site, we try to connect you with one of our panel of Australian loan companies.
How much does it cost?
It’s free to apply for a loan through Cash Champions – we don’t charge you anything! If we are able to source a reputable Australian Lender for you, they will provide you with their fees and charges, a repayment schedule, and a copy of the loan contract.
How fast can I get my loan?
After we receive your application, our loan finding team will try to find a lender for you. As we work with a range of lenders, some will have different response times. If you apply within Australian business hours, and your application is successful, you will hear from a lender that day. If you apply on a weekend, some lenders may wait until the next business day to contact you.
How much can I apply for?

Our lenders currently provide loans from $300 to $5,000

What happens if I miss a repayment?
Please contact your lender asap to discuss options for repaying the missed payment.
Can I apply again?
Cash Champions has a waiting period between applications, and once that is reached, you are welcome to apply again.
What are the repayments on my loan?

If you have been successfully matched with a lender and they have issued you with a loan, they will provide you with a repayment schedule. For more information, contact your lender directly.