Want to apply for a loan but don’t want heaps of paperwork?

We find small cash loans for you fast!

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We find small cash loans for you fast!

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We find small cash loans for you fast!

Got an unexpected bill that needs to be paid today?

We find small cash loans for you fast!

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Quick and Easy Cash Loans Online from $300 to $5,000

Whether it’s just a few hundred dollars for an unexpected bill, or several thousand for the holiday of your dreams, Cash Champions are the experts in finding you the loan you need. With access to a huge range of Australian Lenders, we will try and source the best lender for you. It’s quick and easy to apply, there’s no paperwork required and we accept applications 24/7.

Responsible Lenders

When you apply for a Cash Loan using Cash Champions, we try our best to connect you with one of our range of Australian responsible lenders.  If your application is successful, your lender will discuss the purpose and suitability of the loan, along with your personal repayment plan. So apply today, and we’ll work hard to find a lender for you.

Our lenders would love to help you!

If you’re after a loan from $2,100 to $20,000 our lenders would love to hear from you. Cash Champions works with a wide range of Australian loan companies, so that with one fast and easy loan application, we can try to find a lender for you. Take a look at some of the types of loans that our lenders offer below.
Apply now, the application only takes minutes, and you’ll have a response soon.

Car Repair Loans

Need cash to get your car back on the road? We can help find you Car Repair Loans! Cars can be incredibly expensive, and you usually get caught with a big repair bill when you’re not expecting it. So if you’re needing $300 for a windscreen, or a few thousand for a major overhaul, Cash Champions can help you find a lender with the right Car Repair Loans for you. Apply Now – it’s just one simple application, and you’ll know if we’ve found you a lender within minutes.

Cash Today

Apply for a cash loan through Cash Champions, and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with one of our large range of Australian Cash Loan lenders. What’s more, if your loan is approved within business hours, most lenders can transfer the funds that day – some even transfer on weekends. That’s right, you can have Cash Today! So if you’re an Australian resident over the age of 18, receive a regular form of income, and have online banking, you can apply now, and have an answer fast. 

100% Online

At Cash Champions we like things to happen fast, just like you! So, we’ve made sure our application process is simple, secure and easy to use, and that you can apply from anywhere in Australia, on any device, 24 hours a day. Our team will work to put you in touch with a lender fast, and in most cases you’ll receive a decision within minutes. We also encrypt all information passed between your browser and our web servers at the same level as some of the world’s biggest banks. 

Medical Loans

If you need to book in for surgery or for a major dental visit, Cash Champions can help take the pain out of the expensive medical bills. Our range of lenders offer Medical and Dental Loans from $300 to $5,000 with great repayment plans, so you can book your appointment with confidence. Apply Now, you just need to be over 18, an Australian Resident receiving income into an online banking account, and we’d love to see if we can help you find a Medical Loan today. 

Holiday Loans

Need a break? We get that. Don’t miss out on a great holiday deal. Apply for a fast cash loan through Cash Champions and we’ll try and source the best Holiday Loans for you. Cash Champions is not a lender, but we do work with some of the best loan companies in Australia so that we can search for the right Holiday Loan for you. Apply Now, and if we can find you a loan company they’ll let you know within 30 minutes of you submitting your application. Happy Holidays!

Home Renovation Loans

If it’s time to upgrade your house of apartment, or spend some money on repairs that are needed, Cash Champions can help you find the right lender so that you can get the job done. With loans from $300 to $5,000 you can get any job – big or small underway, fast, Don’t wait until it’s too late. Apply Now and we’ll work with our amazing panel of Australian lenders to try and find the right loan company for you, There’s no obligation, and you’ll know where you stand within minutes.

Great reasons to apply with Cash Champions

It’s easy to apply

Your time is precious, and when you’re needing a Cash Loan for a special purchase, you don’t have time to waste. Just fill in the simple application form and we’ll do the loan finding for you. What’s more you can apply on any device, from anywhere in Australia, 24/7, and applications are 100% Online. 

We’ll work hard for you

We love finding loans for our customers! When you apply for a loan via Cash Champions, our team of loan-finding experts uses their resources to find an Australian Lender that can assist with a loan for you today. There’s no obligation, and once we source the lender for you, they’ll contact you to confirm your loan details.

Cash Champions is free to use

That’s right, free. We don’t charge you anything! So if you’re needing a short-term loan for a small expense, or a medium size loan that you’d like to repay over a longer period, let Cash Champions do the work for you. If we can find you a terrific Australian lender, they’ll be in touch – fast.

Are you eligible for a loan through Cash Champions?

Interested in applying for a Fast Cash Loan? If you meet the following criteria, we’d love to receive your application. All applicants must:

  • An Australian Resident
  • Over the age of 18
  • Have an online banking account
  • Receive a regular form of income (through employment or benefits)

Bad credit? We can work with that

There’s no need to worry if you think your credit rating might affect your loan application. When you apply through Cash Champions, our responsible lenders take multiple things into consideration, such as your current income, expenses, reason for the loan, and affordability. So apply now, and let’s try and find the lender for you.

We love our customers

Cash Champions was created to help Australians find Cash Loans when they need them most. Our team are specialist loan finders with a passion for their roles. We’re confident that we can provide you with a fantastic service, and hope that you’ll tell your friends and family about us too.

We find loans 

Don’t waste hours of your day filling in forms and just waiting for an answer! We know how time-consuming and stressful that process can be, so we’ve made it easier to get a cash loan fast. Just fill in 1 simple application form through Cash Champions, and we’ll use our resource of Australian Cash Loan lenders to find the best loan company for you – within minutes. Apply now, and let’s see if we can help you with a fast loan today.

Do you qualify?

Not sure if you’re credit score is the best? Don’t worry, at Cash Champions we work with a large range of lenders, all with different lending criteria. So as long as you’re receiving a regular form of income into an online banking account, you’re over 18 and an Australian resident, we’d like to see if we can help you find a loan today. Apply Now, it’s fast and easy.

    Example of a Small Amount Loan

    You’re after a loan of $1,000 to purchase a new laptop that is currently on sale.

    The term you slect to repay your loan is 16 weeks

    You apply online and you select your amount and repayment term. You choose to pay it back in 16 affordable repayments of $85.00 per week.

    Small Loan example – Loan amount  $1,000



    RepaymentsPer WeekTotal Repayments

    In the above example, you will pay:

    • Adjusted Credit Amount: $1,000.00 (what you receive)
    • Establishment Fee: $200.00 (set by NCCP at 20% of the loan amount)
    • Monthly Permitted Fee: $40.00 per month charged on the anniversary date of the loan
    • Amount of Credit of the Loan: $1,240.00
    • Nominal Percentage Rate (Interest) per annum: 0% as defined by NCCP
    • Comparison Rate:  201.9447% as defined by NCCP
    • Total Amount of Interest Payable: NIL
    • Total Number of Repayments: 16
    • Consisting of 16 payments of $85.00
    • Total amount of repayments: $1,360.00

    Example of a Medium Amount Loan

    You need $2,5.00 for a well-deserved overseas holiday for you and your family.

    You apply online and you select your amount and your repayment term – choosing to pay it back in 26 easy repayments of $136.98 per fortnight.

    Medium Loan example – Loan amount  $2,500 


    RepaymentsPer FortnightTotal Repayments

    In the above example you will pay:

    • Credit Amount: $2,500.00 (what you receive)
    • Establishment Fee: $400.00 (Set by NCCP)
    • Monthly Fee: $7.00
    • Direct Debit Fee: $0.99 per debit transaction
    • Amount of Credit of the Loan: $2,900.00
    • Nominal Percentage Rate (Interest) per annum: 35% as defined by NCCP
    • Total Amount of Interest Payable: $551.56
    • Total Number of Repayments: 25 payments of $136.98 and 1 final payment of $136.78
    • Total amount of repayments: $3,561.28
    • Comparison Rate*:  58.5251% as defined by NCCP

    Important: The above examples are examples only and are NOT indicative of ALL loans offered by lenders. Loans can differ from lender to lender.